Monday, July 21, 2008

Ride Food

After Saturday's Split Rock, I realized I had found the perfect ( for Me ) ride nutritional supplements. The 6:00 am breakfast was 1 large Kodiak Cakes flap jack. These are great!! Whole wheat flour and honey base pancake mix - just add water. I throw in a hand full of blue berries to make 'em extra good. Along with 2 scrambled eggs, I was ready to rock.

I started out with a large water bottle mixed with Hammer Heed. I've read that Hammer products are very suitable for diabetics, so I thought I was worth trying. The mild melon Heed was a nice change from the usual energy drinks. Smooth, non-acid tasting, didn't give me heartburn effect of the citrus flavored drinks. The Hammer gels are easy to stomach and also taste great, especially the apple-cinnamon flavor.

Adding in a few orange slices, a couple of fig bars, and more water at the feed stops worked perfectly for the 4 plus hours of pretty high intensity riding. I never felt any bonk symptoms even after several hard efforts. I backed off the Lantus insulin dosage a few units in the morning, didn't take the Byetta at all, as that seems to add to the acid reflux feeling if I work hard after eating. I think the mix of solid and liquid food sources is the way to go for, and smaller quantities more often leaves more blood flow for the legs instead of digestion. That's my new ride food plan.

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