Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dibetes Update

After Saturday's Split Rock ride, I relaxed for and hour, showered and checked my blood sugar. 112. Not bad, as it's usually a lot higher after a hard effort. I tried to keep my carb intake up, and didn't feel any bonk symptoms at all. I ate 3 pieces of Bulldog supreme pizza and relaxed to watch the Tour De France stage on the DVR. I checked again a couple of hours later. 98. Cool, staying pretty stable. A nice dinner with about 25 carbs , a light snack and a great nights sleep resulted in a Sunday morning reading of 94. All Sunday everything stayed down about 10 counts lower than I've seen in a while. I did a 45 min. spin on the trainer to keep the legs loose, as they were getting pretty tight Sunday morning. It felt good to give 'em a good acid flush.

It seems the best thing for me personally to keep my blood glucose in control is intense exercise. The harder the better. Walking has never done anything for me, but a hammer session on the bike brings my numbers right down in short order. Cross country skiing has the same effect. I would guess power walking might work, but I would feel like complete dork doing it in public. But then, I do kit up in lycra....

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