Monday, July 28, 2008

TDF Final

My apologies, dear readers, for failing to file my usual, up to the minute reports on the last 2 stages of the TDF. I was out of town being eaten by deer flies and mosquitoes in my quest finding the best MTB trails near where our camper is parked. I rode some ATV trails that were da bomb, but the biting flies really took the joy out of things. I'll ride 'em again after fly season is over.

Back to the Tour: Carlos Sastre dug deep on the final time trial and sealed the victory over Cryin' Cadel Evans. The Aussie Weeper just didn't pull off the time trial he was looking for this time around. I've got a feeling he was worn to a frazzle after the constant beat down at the hands of CSC. Bjarne Riis put together a killer squad and worked his plan perfectly. The last stage into Paris was won in a sprint by Gert Steegman of Quickstep, who were floundering with out Tom Boonen, who's Tour was derailed in cloud of white powder. The latest doper to be flushed is Dmitri Fofonov from Credit Agricole. He got some blood pressure medication over the internet to help fight cramps was his excuse. Hmmm - I think the teams frown on anything the rider takes not pre-approved, especially a banned substance. What a dope(r).

All and all, a great Tour De France, though Sastre is not your most charismatic champion in recent years, but his team sure was! I think the Schleck boys will continue the trend in the future, and Evans might have one more run in him, but needs a stronger team to do it. And more Kleenex.

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Mike said...

Regarding the dopers, I think Ricco just thought, "Hey, Pantani became the most famous athlete in Italy, and most people still loved him even after he got caught. Why not try to do the same thing?"

I doubt he was very creative in his approach.

Gotta love a CSC win, though.